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A UK Alcohol and drug detox at one of our uk clinics is the 1st step towards a brand new life, without the physical need or the mental craving to use alcohol and drugs ever again.

For many this can be an incredibly daunting step as alcohol or drugs will have been a support system for a long time. Many clients arrive knowing that they have to give up alcohol or drugs but not really wanting to. Sometimes it can take a little persuasion to help people realise that their use of alcohol or drug taking has gone a too far. Our therapists will help both families and clients with this. We work with an inspirational and motivational model, we encourage and support our clients, every step of the way, through this emotional and physical time. All of our clinics have structured counselling sessions to address the psychological aspects of alcohol or drug withdrawal at the same time as the physiological aspects. Help and support is only a phone call away.

Treatment by professional private doctors

Choose one of our private detoxification packages at one of our clinics and our promises to you are:


UK clinics

We offer drug detox and alcohol detox programmes in multiple clinics such as inpatient treatment programmes and residential drug and alcohol rehab. Our alcohol and drug clinics are fully equipped and designed to make your withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs as comfortable as possible. Our detox clinics have an in house chef to cater for your nutritional requirements. We have a team of fully qualified nurses working around the clock to ensure a smooth detox. Our alcohol and drug clinics are conveniently situated across the UK and are designed to cater for a small number of clients, this ensures the personal touch and a very high level of care. Whether you are sure about the type of alcohol and drug treatment you need or are interested in learning about all of the options call our admissions team today on 0207 060 2862.


We have programmes for the withdrawal of:


How much does a drug detox / alcohol detox cost?

Programmes vary in price but can be as low as £2500 for an inpatient detox programme. In order to get an idea about how long you would need to stay and the duration of your detox we complete a FREE DRUG AND ALCOHOL ASSESSMENT to establish your needs. This can be done in person at any one of our UK clinics or over the phone in the comfort of your own home.



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