Training Programmes


The Stop Smoking Service delivers and facilitates a number of training packages in accordance with the quality standards laid down by the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) and that conform with the requirements of the Department of Health NHS Stop Smoking Service: service and monitoring guidance.

Very Brief Advice on Smoking

This training package is aimed at health and allied professionals at all levels and across all disciplines. It is designed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills to enable them to carry out a very brief intervention to establish if a smoker is interested in quitting, identify the support that is available to them to quit and to advise them of the care pathways that are available to them to access local Stop Smoking Service provision.

This package can be delivered in house via a one hour face to face module (maximum 20 attendees) or through an e-learning package (takes approx 30 minutes to complete).

Stop Smoking Practitioner Training

This training package is available to those health and allied professionals who have been identified to provide accredited stop smoking services under a Local Enhanced Service (LES) arrangement or Service Level Agreement (SLA). Those who are nominated to provide stop smoking support will be required to undertake a two stage training process:

Stage 1
NCSCT e-learning package – This package takes the trainee through the knowledge, evidence base, models and treatment regimes that underpin the delivery of stop smoking support to smokers wanting to quit. Trainees can dip in and out of the package. Once completed there is an on-line assessment which must be completed in one sitting. Those who successfully complete the assessment will be notified by the NCSCT to the NEL SSSS manager and be eligible for Stage 2 training.

Stage 2
Learning Into Practice – This is a 2 day training package requiring attendance at a local venue. Acceptance onto this training is subject to having completed the Stage 1 e-learning package. This training builds on the knowledge and information gained from Stage 1 training and its adoption to practice. Following successful completion of this training a certificate will be awarded that will confer accredited Stop Smoking Practitioner status.

For more details on the e-learning packages, and for information on how to access them, please contact us

Accreditation of previously trained Stop Smoking ‘Advisors’
Those who have been previously trained as Intermediate Stop Smoking Advisors by the SSS and have actively practiced in the last 12 months will be credited with having done the Stage 2 but will be required to sit and pass the Stage 1 e-learning assessment in order to gain accredited Stop Smoking Practitioner status.

Stop Smoking Practitioner Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The SSS mounts evening CPD events twice yearly. Details of these events will be identified via this website and mailing of details to accredited Practitioners.