What’s in a cigarette?

What’s in a cigarette?

A cigarette looks like a very basic and simple device, made up of a paper tube filled with chopped up tobacco leaf, usually with a filter at the mouth end. In reality it is a highly engineered product designed to deliver a steady dose of nicotine to the user.

Modern cigarettes have much more than tobacco leaf in them; they also include tobacco waste from the production process, which in turn is mixed with water, flavourings and additives. (There are over 600 permitted additives). Find out more.

Manufacturers include things like moisturisers to prolong the shelf life of the product, sugar and sweeteners to reduce the harshness of the smoke taste and flavourings like menthol to numb the throat and make inhalation easier and cocoa to dilate the airways.

The filter on a cigarette is made from cellulose acetate to trap some of the tar and smoke particles from the inhaled smoke, and they also cool the smoke slightly making it easier to inhale.

There are over 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke that can be released into the air as particles and gases. Some of these will cause irritation and at least 60 are known or suspected causes of cancer.

How to Kick Your Habit

E-cigarettes work by heating an e-liquid substance, which typically contains nicotine and flavourings.

These devices are extremely popular for those who are looking to quit smoking as they act as a replacement and carry a fraction of the risks of cigarettes. Vape pens are highly effective, especially when teamed with quitting support.

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What does a cigarette contain?

  • Acetone – which can be found in paint stripper
  • Ammonia – which can be found in floor cleaner
  • Arsenic – which can be found in rat poison
  • Butane – which can be found in lighter fuel
  • Cadmium – which can be found in batteries
  • Carbon Monoxide – which can be found in vehicle exhaust fumes
  • Cyanide – which can be found in gas chambers
  • DDT – which can be found in insecticide
  • Formaldehyde – which can be found in embalming fluid
  • Methanol – which can be found in rocket fuel
  • Naphthalene – which can be found in mothballs
  • Tar – which can be found in road surfaces
  • Toluene – which can be found in industrial solvents
  • Vinyl chloride – which can be found in plastics

If you are looking for more information on cigarettes and the damage they can cause, we recommend visiting this website.

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